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Cove & Sea FAQs

What is the Cancellation Policy at Cove & Sea?

No charge and full refund of deposit for cancellations up to 14 days before check-in.  After that, no refund of (50%) deposit for cancellations up to 7 days before check-in.  Cancellations WITHIN 7 days of the reservation will be charged the full amount of stay.

Please note that if we are able to re-rent the cabin for some or all of the cancelled nights, you will be refunded for those nights. 

Cancellations for extreme weather conditions (unsafe travel) will not be charged.

What is the Pet Policy at Cove & Sea?

We are very much a pet friendly property and we have chosen not to charge extra for your pets.  We do however ask that in return extra care is given to keep our cabin fur free.  Pets are not permitted on the bed.   Feel free to bring your own blankets/covers from home to cover the couch or use the beach/campfire blankets provided.  We provide a broom in the cottage.  

Extra charges may occur if significant cleaning is required or damages caused.

Because the cabin offers so much space and privacy, we hope that pet owners of all dogs will feel comfortable and have a stress free stay :)

What is included in the Cabin and what is nearby?

Visit our GUEST DIRECTORY page for details about the cabin, property & area!

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