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Rugged is the word most commonly used to describe this area's shoreline and when you're looking up at precipitous cliffs and unpolished rock formations, you'll agree.  However, nestled between those jagged pillars are almost tropical like coves with sun soaked pebble beaches that look so flawless you will feel like you are the first to discover these untapped gems.

Natural & Pristine Shoreling


Our tandem kayaks are comfortable, stable and include all required safety equipment.  Kayak rental (without guided tour) is available to guests with moderate kayaking experience.

We want to encourage kayaking, however we must also acknowledge and respect the often rapidly changing conditions that can occur when sea kayaking.

Tandem Kayak - $30/day

Guided Trips

Our guided daytrips are now available to both guests staying at the cabin and non-guests.

Maximum group size is 6 people.


Reservations are required. 

Private Trips can also be arranged.

Guided 4 Hour Kayak Trip 


Includes Lunch

Guided Kayak Trips at Cove & Sea
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